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Imagine your OTP sleeping together. Person A wakes up and reaches over to snuggle closer to Person B. The bed is cold and empty and as Person A sits up, they remember that Person B has been dead…Last night had been a dream. Person A then begins to cry.

"I love you…" her voice was as soft as her hair, and he could only bury himself in her, pressing his face into the golden strands, getting lost in the feel of her. The way she smelt, and how she laughed as he just surrounded himself in her. "You’re acting as though I’m going to disappear, Zarek."

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tsundeanre asked:
It takes a while for Savitar to catch on that Naomi's heat patterns change with her moods. In a way it makes him feel like he knows her better than anyone else. That while he's blind he can really /see/ her. How she radiates when enraged, cools with fear or anxiety, the way heat blooms around her chest with joy, or around her face with embarrassment. His favourite part is how the heat spreads through her body when she thinks he isn't looking. When she's watching him closely. He may be blind (c)


But he knows her better than she thinks he does. Knows her moods, her habits. He doesn’t know her in and out, but he thinks he wouldn’t mind spending eternity listening to every story of her life, her losses, her loves, just listening, so he could know her as well as her matron goddess does.

Is this a sort of payback for dumping my OC feels onto you?



Habiba sighed, adjusting her hijab as she looked over the items on display at the grocery store. She could feel the stares she was getting from people nearby, feeling out of place, but she was willing to do this for her partner.

Holding her cellphone close to her ear she waited for Naomi to pick up.

"Buddy the elf, what’s your favourite colour?" The vampiress’ chipper greeting made Habiba roll her eyes.

"What kind of food do you think a kitsune would like?" She continued to move through the store, heading towards where the meat was.

"I don’t know, ask her?" The quick reply had Habiba rolling her eyes.

"I’m trying to surprise em."

"Meat. Get meat." She pinched her brow, hearing the were hyena pipe up.

"That doesn’t help me much, Kacela."

"Then ask Haruka yourself." Both the vampiress, and were spoke at the same time before hanging up on her.

Cursing her friends, she glared at the screen of her phone, her eyes flickering to the demonic black for a second. Then, shaking her head she called her partner, waiting for the kitsune to pick up.

"Moshi moshi." Haruka’s voice made her smile softly to herself.

"Hello Kit, I’m planning dinner for us tonight and was wondering what your favourite’s are." She looked over the meat, knowing Kacela would be right about that. Both of them were carnivorous creatures after all.

"Ummm," she heard the sound of jingling on Haruka’s end stop, signalling that ey had stopped in eir path. "Sashimi, nigiri, grilled octopus -" there was a momentary pause. "Most raw fish really. I really like tuna and salmon sashimi, and some sushi."

Habiba thought on that, looking through everything in front of her. “I guess our dinner will be an array of foods from both our cultures.”

"I’m willing to try if you are."

She smiled to herself at that. “Of course I am.”

"I’ll see you tonight beloved." Habiba blushed at the reference to the meaning of her name.

"See you tonight, Kit."

Ending the call she moved to where the fish was, eager to be with Haruka again and feel the others slender arms wrap around her.

This is so much happier than the stuff I’ve been throwing at you.

I admit to nothing.


More OC’s cause I can.

When Amenophis woke, it was to the sound of slamming doors. Noises that almost rattled the luxurious apartment his lover owned. The drake scratched his head, getting up to move into the main area in search of the source.

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Another OC fic cause Twin didn’t like how sad the last was.

The vampire pressed a finger to his lips as he looked over to where the woman sat, guised as a hawk. She cocked her head, before shifting into her mortal form, looking to the door to the bathroom they both stood outside. She eyed him questioningly and he only grinned.

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OC fic featuring my OC’s Shadow, Naomi, and Seth named after their patron/matron dieties (Anubis, Sekhmet, and Set respectively) at birth.

Not my best, sorry.

Despite how much he didn’t want to, how much he tried to purge his mind of them, Seth remembered everything. The origin of every scar upon his skin, the dismissal of his parents, his brother who’d been the only one to embrace him. Shadow had taken him under his wing, giving him guidance that the young vampire’s patron god couldn’t.

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lamppu asked:
IT'S MONDAY and that means it's mpreg!monday. My favourite day. Dean's heavily pregnant, horny as /fuck/ (maybe producing a shitload of slick to emphasize his horniness?) but tries his best to ignore it, but alas, it gets the best of him. Cas finds him, and 'helps' him. B)


Cas wouldn’t be back until later, that was what he said at least. It was why Dean was supporting his swollen, heavily pregnant, belly on a pillow. He let out a low keening sound as he pushed himself back against the knotted dildo suction cupped to the head of the bed he shared with his alpha. His hands grasped at the surface of the bed, clinging to the sheets as he kept making low noises in his throat.

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casdragon asked:
hey uh so I have a prompt (that you could write. maybe): pregnant!dean, when Cas and Sam are out on a hunt (thinking they left Dean safe in the bunker), demons/monsters/whatever attack Dean when he's out on a grocery run and then he's hurt and crying and Cas and Sam come back but it's too late and Dean miscarries.


[Under the cut for triggering content.]

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The bunker was quiet, except for the sounds of Cas sniffling in what they had designated as an entertainment room. Crosslegged on a mattress Dean laid out earlier, he watched the movie the hunter had put on before hand.

Samandriel lay stretched out on the mattress, his head resting on Cas’ lap, some of the blanket covering his body. The angel was in and out of sleep, occasionally turning to rub his face against his brothers leg.

When Dean returned he set the salsa and chips down on the small table before them, huddling up next to Cas and moving the blanket so it wrapped around him as well. “How you feelin?” Smiling, he kissed the ex-angels cheek, laughing as Cas made a face.

"Dean, don’t, I would hate for you to get sick because of me."

"Considering we’re cuddling here, I don’t think I mind."

"Feathers has a point though, brother." Benny entered, carrying a tray of drinks and other snacks. He set them down before sitting down on Dean’s other side, playfully smacking the hunter on the ass. "Remember the last time you got sick? You hid in your room huddled in one of Sam’s shirts, complaining until it went away."

"You say that like Cas is any better."

"I’m only concerned we’re going to have to of you bitching about being sick." He laughed as Dean turned to flick him.

"Get a room." Rolling onto his stomach, Samandriel pushed himself up onto all fours so he could pout at them.

"Love you too, Alfie." Dean grinned.

"It’s Saman-" he was cut off as Dean leaned over Cas to press his lips to the angels. When the kiss broke he was pulled off by Benny, and wrestled to the ground, laughing as the vampire tickled his sensitive spots.

"Need to send Kevin and Sam to do research more often." Cas mused.

lamppu asked:
For mpreg!monday. Dean finds out he's pregnant with Cas' child, but now he has to kick cas out of the bunker and he doesn't deal with it all too well. Perhaps Dean is a couple of months along, but found out only recently? Idk. You're the best. Mwah.


Dean stared at the pregnancy test in his shaking hands, not knowing what to think. How exactly did you tell a recently fallen angel that you were having his kid? That you were a couple months along at least?

Fuck how would he tell anyone, especially his brother?

He quickly looked to the door, wondering if Ezekiel knew. The angel was shady enough as it was, and bile rose in Dean’s throat, wondering what the other angels would do knowing he was carrying Cas’ child. They’d hunt him just to use the unborn baby and Dean against Cas if they knew.

Eyes closing tight, he covered his mouth with the back of his hand, trying not to think on it too much. It would be a while before he would be showing. Though it would be best to tell Cas now, he lied to much to them, might as well give him this one truth. This one piece of good news.

The day goes quietly, Cas showering - Dean can’t get over how he almost lost the ex angel - and the brothers getting food.

Ezekiel telling him to get rid of Cas hits him like a punch to the gut, and he holds himself in, shaking. Worse is the look in Cas’ eyes when Dean tells him that he has to go. He hates knowing that he’s the cause of that hurt in his friends eyes. The look of betrayal.

But nothing hurts more knowing that he’s sending Cas out into all that danger again.

At least he won’t be sending him out knowing that Dean is back here with their unborn child.

What’s worse is Dean doesn’t know if it’s better he didn’t tell him or not. Maybe Cas would feel better leaving knowing Dean would be here safe, or would it be better he not know.

Not know that Dean kicked him out, and is keeping their child who Dean doesn’t know will make it to term.

When he leaves Dean locks himself in his room and for the first time in a long time he cries, holding his waist and wishing that things weren’t so fucked up and he could keep Cas here. So he could know that their child would know their father.

So he would know that their kid would be able to grow up safe and happy.